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What are you thinking???

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

All of our friends and family think we have lost my minds, "What are you guys thinking??" seems to be the most common question. So, what are we thinking? Well, it started with all of our human babies entering into the world, empty nest is a REAL thing folks, and it hit us hard. If we are not parents, what are we?? I found that we are doers, lovers of animals, and we need to feel like we helped others in this life. We realized that our capacity to love animals meant that we were suited to help them. This little munchkin above, Miss Lucky really was the start of it all. We literally drove over her on a four-lane highway, turned around and Randy scooped her up as he ran dodging cars. She was injured, flea infested, and starving. We cleaned her up, got her to the vet, and started 2-hour bottle feedings. Soon after Lucky, came Reeses, then just started. We were caring for animals that could not care for themselves and LOVING it. But we want to do so much more. we go! What are we thinking.... We are thinking it is time to make a change in this little part of our world we live in to help as many animals as we possibly can! Feel free to join us on this wild ride!

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