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Meet the Team

We are just starting out, so this team is pretty small...LOL.  It includes Christa & Randy, the Founders of the Rescue.  As the team grows, so will this page!

About Us

     Hello and thank you for stopping by!! 

     Randy and I wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know a little bit about Lucky Paws.  We have always had a passion for helping animals in need. We moved to SC from PA and witnessed the largest feral animal population that either of us have ever seen.  It broke our hearts.  In the areas that we grew up, you didn't see dogs running free in the community and feral cat colonies, it blew our minds.  So, we jumped right in and became foster parents.      As we started our journey in fostering animals we realized how much we truly love the work and decided to open our own animal rescue.  We strive to give pets a safe haven, the health care they need from the time we rescue until the time of adoption, and find them a home where they will be nothing but loved and cared for. We also want to teach the importance of spaying, neutering, chipping, and keeping your pets secure in the yard/home.

      Our immediate goal is to find foster parents and create a Lucky Paws Rescue Team.  As we are a new rescue we are in need of donations to bring on as many animals as we can.  Donations will go towards all of the animals food, shelter, vet care and enrichment.  

If you want to donate please click on the Paypal Donate button above, or go to our Donate Page for more options.  We would LOVE for you to foster for us as well!! Please take a minute to read our Foster Page!  We also have a Blog that you may find interesting as well.  :-)


Lucky Paws Rescue

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