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Why does Lucky Paws Rescue need Foster Families?

Lucky Paws Rescue is a foster-based organization that relies on fosters to assist us in completing our mission to save as many animals as we can each year.  According to the Human Society of the United States, 2.7 million animals are euthanized every year because shelters fill up and families choose breeders/puppy mills over adoption. Fostering animals helps prevent euthanization because it frees up space in crowded shelters for new animals and prepares dogs and cats for adoption.

What does Fostering mean exactly?

Fostering an animal means briefly bringing them into your home and allowing them to live with you and your family, until they find a new place to call home.  This may require some basic training, such as how to potty outside, walking on a leash, and taking them to the vet.  Some foster parents consider the experience as a trial run before adopting.  This allows them to better understand the needs and personality traits of a future companion before making a 10-15 year commitment. 

What is the first step to becoming a Foster?

We ask that you complete our application. Foster parents must be 21 or older and must have a valid driver's license.  If you think this is for you, please feel free to download the application below and email to to begin the process.

What happens once I am approved?

Once you are an approved Foster you become a part of the LPR Team!!  Fosters are provided with food, medicines, and other supplies as required.

When we find an animal that fits into your home a LPR Team member will bring that pet to you with your ANIMAL CARE FOLDER.  


We do ask that the fosters are willing to meet virtually/in person once a month for a check in on how you and your animal are doing.  This is also when LPR and the Fosters can share ideas and goals for the rescue with each other.   

LPR is aware that you are making a sacrifice for your foster animal, and we appreciate you!  We are here for you and will do the best we can to meet your needs.  Also, remember any animal-related expenses incurred by you are tax deductible. 

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