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JUNE Dog of the Month:


Meet Everest!  This baby has been with us for over a year!!!  She deserves better than this!  She is SWEET, funny, loving, active and ready to be your furever!

Lucky Paws Rescue Mission Statement

Lucky Paws Rescue, Inc (LPR) will do our best to rescue, provide shelter, rehabilitate and rehome animals in crisis.  We will ensure healthy pets through care, education, advocacy, and inspire a community where the animal-human bond is celebrated and nurtured. We will provide food, shelter, and vet care to those in need.  LPR will promote spay and neutering to end the suffering of overpopulation and unwanted animals. We are dedicated to the adoption of healthy animals back into loving homes.

Foster to Adopt!

***What does Foster to Adopt mean?? 

This means that you will apply for the dog, and if approved can bring the dog home. 

However, the animal will stay under LPR's care.  We will be responsible for all medical care, food, etc.  

When can this be done:

1. Puppies that are too young (under 8 weeks) and have not had their first shots

2. Dogs that need more medical attention.  (Spays, neuters, minor surgeries)

3.  We will allow a foster to adopt for people that need a week to make sure that the dog fits into their home (usually we do this for families that have other pets).

Once the puppy is of age and has all their required shots, the dog is recovered from surgery, or the trial period is over, the adoption becomes final.  

PO BOX 3150
Sumter, SC 29151

LPR is a 501c3 and registered in SC as a business that can collect Donations as a Charity.

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